Sunday, August 13, 2006

A Full House is a Happy House

I am stunned to see that it has been nearly a week since I have posted anything. The days are passing in a blur; I am simply marking time until I feel better. Cleaning the kitchen counter, processing a single load of laundry, preparing a meal seem to be, for now, Herculean tasks for someone who once multitasked with ease.

I have found myself wondering of late if Mary felt sick during her pregnancy. It is clear in the book of Genesis that pain during childbirth is a direct result of original sin. Since Mary was free of original sin, did she suffer the pains of labor, the nausea of early pregnancy, the varicose veins and sciatic pain? I hope, for her sake, that she did not. She had enough to deal with simply knowing that she was carrying the Christ child. Can you imagine? And I worry about eating enough vegetables!

Anyway, this blurry week has been full of the delightful diversion of friends and family. This past weekend we had 14 people in our house overnight, even more during daytime, and I couldn't have been happier. Although I mostly observed the goings on from my perma-post on the couch, I watched with pleasure while many of the people I love the most interacted with each other, prepared and enjoyed good food, swam (and swam and swam) and even folded my laundry (this was quite a bonus for me as you can imagine!).

Our good friends and former neighbors were in town to visit and it was a wonderful excuse to bring everyone within driving distance together for a reunion of sorts on the occasion of their son's 7th birthday. At one point we had the godparents of 3 of our 5 children in the same room, which generally only happens at baptisms. We are so very blessed with friends and family nearby (and not so nearby, sniff-sniff).

Here's to good friends and family that love and support you even when you are a pathetic, complaining couch lump (for the 6th time in 9 years, I might add). I love and appreciate you all so very much, both those who were here with us this weekend and those who we spoke lovingly of in their absence.


elisalouisa said...

Suzanne, this past weekend I just wondered how you got it all together. That would be difficult even if you were not in the early stages of pregnancy. What did you call yourself? A couch lump??? No, no, no, you were a gracious and caring hostess. Thanks so much for inviting me.


Annie Bizzi said...

We were definitely with you all in spirit and loved your "group" phone call! We so miss the old gang and our picnic's after church! It's easy to see why you are continually blessed with good friends as you are and have always been so warm and inviting. I can't tell you enough times how much I enjoy our friendship-even 1000 miles away!
You are all in our daily thoughts and prayers-hope you are feeling better soon! We will get down there one of these days...if not this summer, when you have the new bambino!
Much love...

Tina said...

Suz, thanks for opening your home to my children and then to the rest of our family, including Kyanne. The kids had a great time and were really bummed to have to come home. Becca wrote about her stay in her Flat Suzie summer project book. I can tell they both had a great time because of what she wrote and what they have said about their time with your family. We all had a wonderful time and it was really hard to get in the car and leave again. The tears are falling again as I write probably because we don't have a date set yet to look forward to. We need to work on that. Love to you all and thanks for the wonderful weekend.