Monday, May 03, 2010


Last week I had the opportunity to thank the students of Sacred Heart School (SHS, as referenced below) who have been praying for me so diligently both in their classrooms and at home with their families. I attended the morning assembly and read a poem that I wrote for them, letting them know that their prayers are working.

I have had some requests to post that poem, so here it is...

Prayers Answered

Six months ago, dear SHS
You heard that I was ill
My family asked you all, “Please pray!”
And you all said, “We will!”

Then pray you did from that day on
So much I cannot tell
You offered up your sacrifice
That God might make me well

From day to day you never stopped
In asking for my cure
Now, did you know, of all the prayers,
That children’s are most pure?

The prayers you say go straight to God
In quite a special way
He listens to your hopes and thoughts
And every word you say

How blessed I am to have you all
As soldiers in this war
Because with you all on my side
I’m winning more and more

Thanks be to God, I’m getting well
In part, because of you
I was not sure I ever would
But now I know it’s true

God heard our prayers and answered them
According to His will
Now please don’t stop those prayers quite yet
Because I need them still

I have some road to travel down
My journey’s not quite done
But when I reach the end of this
I hope to say, “I won!”

I want to thank you, each and all
For keeping me in prayer
I’ve never been alone through this
Because you’ve all been there

But most of all I hope you know
How much that you can do
By praying for the things you need
The What, the When, the Who

God loves you and He wants you to
Approach Him with your needs
So keep Him close and talk to Him
And follow where He leads


Bianca said...

beautiful poem! You should try to get it published!
:-) Tears of joy for you and your family!

Jason Schalow said...

Ironically, just before firing up the computer I was reading St. John of the Cross's poem "Canciones Entre El Alma y El Esposo" in Cantico Espiritual -- then I opened your blog to find a very different kind of poem.

I am completely serious when I say: I like yours better. With all due respect to St. John, yours has far less pretension and much more heart.


Sarah said...

That was so beautiful!
I would of loved to have been there to hear you recite it. You will continue to be in my prayers. I am a life long member of your prayer worriers!! Love you
Sarah McCormick

Annie Bizzi said...

Another blog causing waterworks...where's Tina when I need her!
Thanks for sharing...

karen said...

Beautiful! You are in my prayers daily.