Tuesday, May 11, 2010

At Least I'm Predictable

My neighbor Robin took the kids to school this morning. I sent them over to her house in a rush and then hurried out to door to drive Joey to his different school. As always, I left their lunches on the counter for them to pick up and put in their own backpacks.

As I was pulling out of my garage, I noticed Robin returning to her house, obviously for an item left behind. She, like I, always asks as she pulls away, "Does everyone have their backpacks/lunches/sweaters/belts?" and the kids have an opportunity to double check.

This morning, one of her children had left lunch behind. Sam, in his wisdom (and extensive experience), said to the crowd in the car, "My parents wouldn't have turned around to get that. They would have told me too bad." (This would only be true if we had already left the neighborhood, but that is tangential...)

Imagine my amusement, then, when the phone rang at 11:59am. It was Sam, letting me know he had left his own lunch behind, in hopes that I might do something about it. Clearly, he was too busy spouting his wisdom to check for his lunch when given the opportunity.

The call was not necessary, because he had accurately shown earlier that morning that he knew exactly what my answer would be.


Bianca said...

You crack me up! I love it! Now if only I could follow it. So what do the kids do when they forget their lunch? is there something on hand for them to eat or do they get a bigger after school snack since they forgot their lunch? I tend to let the sympathy card play me like a fiddle and I would give in way too much.

Emily Aoun said...

You are way stronger than me! I had dreams of poor Sam all night last night. That should tell you how big of a push over I am!

Tina said...

All I can say is "I love Sam!!" I'm sorry, but it sounds as if Kyle was using the brain cell that day. I'll tell him to send it back.