Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lindsey the Lung

Warning: shameless bragging about to commence, but this mom is totally delighted.

Lindsey was in her class play on Friday, and she was great! I had no idea she could sing so well. I know this sounds crazy since she sings all the time around the house, but as I know from experience, singing with a microphone is a whole different ballgame. I knew she could carry a tune, but until I heard her amplified, I didn't know how clear her voice was. She loves to sing, so I am so happy for her that she does it well. Singing will hopefully bring her great joy in her life, as it does to me in mine.

It wasn't just Lindsey who did well--the entire 4th grade class turned out an amazing performance. I found myself completely entertained during the entire show. It was funny, the kids were all perfect in their roles and the whole thing was obviously very well rehearsed. Nice job, kids!

Here is a link to her song, beautifully shared by her good friend. Lindsey is the one in the red hairbows. Enjoy...I sure did!


Emily Aoun said...

Watch out Taylor Swift...you've got serious competition!! Lindsey was awesome!! It really is a shame how shy all your kids are, Suzanne. ;) --Way to go Lindsey!!-

PS...all my boys are now running through the house singing "it takes my breath away..."

Karin McAdams said...

She was awesome! I recognized her right away; she looks like your mom.

Anonymous said...

She did an exceptional job! Beautiful girl, beautiful voice, takes after her Mom :)!
Jen (Terry-Johnson)