Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Not Abandoned

Seriously. It's owner has just been on vacation.

I will post in the next day or two about our amazingly wonderful family vacation to Kauai, pictures and all.

I meant to do it today, but when I happened to log onto Google today I got sucked into the 30th anniversary of Pacman and wasted at least 15 minutes playing the pop-up game instead of completing the search I intended to do. I wonder how many hours of productivity were lost worldwide today because of this? It is possible that our GDP actually went down today as a result? I know mine did. But, truthfully, after three hours of sleep on the red-eye last night sandwiched between Bella and Natalie, I was pretty distractable today anyway. I can't blame it all on Google.

So, here's to being back in my own bed, a full night's sleep (I hope!) and lots more blogging this week. Promise!

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Emily Aoun said...

You are so funny! I got a sneak peek of your awesome family photos when I peeked over Jude's shoulder and looked at Jay's FB page. It would appear you all had a blast!! And Bella in her Dora suit...well, let's just say, I may be kidnapping her very soon! ;) There is also a picture of Lindsey where she actually looks like a model on the beach! Jay is going to be a busy man keeping all those boys away!
Anyway, welcome back! Now wake up and blog! ;) (half-kidding)