Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nice Try

Last night we all sat around the table discussing our goals for lent--what we are trying to do less of and what we are trying to do more of between now and Easter. We like to do this, as I'm sure many families do, as a way to clarify our own goals and to understand eachothers so we can help one another out.

For example, if one child is giving up ice cream I am going to try to find alternate things to have around. If another is giving up a particular TV show, someone who might watch that show should remember to do so in the playroom so as not to shut the first child out of the family room. Little things like that, I've found, can help us all keep our Lenten promises and help keep the peace in the home.

As far as food sacrifices go, we were all busy consuming lots of whatever we were giving up. I, for instance, had a disporportionate amount of chocolate yesterday, in true Fat Tuesday style. Lindsey was slurping up Pixie Stix. Jay got his blender whirring for his farewell margaritas.

Over the blender noise, Joey declared, "Since I'm giving up margaritas too, I need to have one now." Points for creativity, but I don't think so.

On another note, besides giving up margaritas, Jay has also nixed Caribou hunting and hot air ballooning. It's going to be a tough 40 days around here...


Anonymous said...

I have to say, you have some very clever kids! That gave me a good laugh this evening. -A.O.

Anonymous said...

That's a bummer about the Caribou; I understand that they are quite tasty and I know that Jay enjoys very tasty food. I also had my Fat Tuesday share of chocolate, which was not welcome by my body. We have a child working to be the top in the class during Lent and the other is putting aside the DS. WE should have a very quiet and studious house for 40 days at least. Love you much.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I too gave up Caribou hunting.... but Margaritas ? Actually, yeah, OK I gave those up too, but built in one of those, you know, "special dispensations", whereas I can only have JAY's Margaritas... and in keeping with your whole 'peace in the home and trying to respect each others sacrifices' thing, I'll only require them to be made on Sundays...... xo

Bianca said...

Caribou hunting and hot air balloon rides huh? Jay will surely be bored over these next 40 days. I tried to get the boys to discuss with me what things they wanted to do for Lent and to fast from. John's idea was to fast from his "broken" toys or give the toys he doesn't play with to less fortunate children.....yay it will be a long 40 days trying to get through to him the real idea of Lent! UGH!! :-)

Anonymous said...

And the Caribou of California are safe for 40 days.