Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bella!

It's official. Isabella is three now. So, that means we must be done with the terrible twos, right?

OK, maybe not, but as I told an incredulous Joey this morning, I wouldn't change a single thing about Bella. She is a totally unique, never-to-be duplicated, often frustrating, always adorable bundle of creative energy and I can't imagine our lives without her. Each day she gets sweeter, funnier, more endearing. Whether she is cooperating sweetly or stomping her little foot in fierce defiance I love her totally and completely.

Bella knows what she wants (though what that is changes every two minutes) and does not hesitate to go after it. That quality will serve her well, I'm sure, at many points in her life. Simultaneously, she is intensely loving and physically affectionate. She melts my heart when she says, "Snuggle me!" and reaches her arms out to me when I tuck her in. She is my most faithful visitor at 2am, when she, without fail, climbs into my bed and plasters herself to my side for the remainder of the night. I never have the heart to kick her out (to Jay's dismay)!

Her enthusiasm is delightful, her inconsistencies entertaining. One minute she is seeking Tony as her sole consoler after her mother has scolded her, and five minutes later she is pinning her latest disaster on him with an innocent, "Tony do it!" (although he was at school at the time of the offense).

Bella, you are shameless, outrageous, clever and passionate. You are the source of much laughter and love in our home. We can't WAIT to see what you become, because it most certainly won't ever be boring! We all love you so much. Happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

You so perfectly and beautifully describe Bella. She is generous, loving, beautiful, caring and shall carry those good qualities through her life for that is who she is.

Annie Bizzi said...

Happy Birthday, Bella!

I couldn't agree with your mommy anymore--

I have said this before, but God truly knew how to prepare you for the fight of your life by giving you a perfect little example. She has shown an energetic passion that is different from the others. What a blessing.

Emily Aoun said...

Ah, my little Bella is three!! Happy Birthday big girl!! Just looking at her picture brings joy to my heart! She is the sweetest!

Sarah McCormick said...

Happy Birthday Bella!
B- beautiful
E- energetic
L- loving
L- laughter
A- adorable
Sarah McCormick

KatieGirl said...

We call them the Tsunami three's here. Vadim doesn't even have the shame to blame it on one of his sisters. Happy Birthday to an awesome spirit.

Toni P. said...

Dear Suzanne,
There is something so precious about mommy-n-me time (even if it IS at 2 AM!) :) Cherish every single second of it that God gives you. It goes by WAY too quickly! I still remember those moments, especially with our middle one, the big strapping 28-year-old LAPD officer. And then for weeks after the '94 earthquake all 3 of the kids would show up in our room, pillows and blankets in hand, and end up like a pile of puppies on the floor on my side of the bed. They just wanted us all to be together. It was so cute! Wish I had a picture!
Love and Hugs, Toni

jen said...


Jen, Larry and Audrey


annalisa said...


She looks like you too! I bet you were feisty too...and if you weren't it's cause you didn't have to fight from way down on the totem.

One of the greatest things about this blog is that you are weaving memories for your family that won't disappear in the haze of your forties. I've forgotten so many....One of my favorites from my sweet little tsunami Lucas:

"Lucas! Did you poop in your pants?!"

"Max did it!"

Gotta love it.