Friday, August 24, 2007

Six Months Old Already

Here are the results from Isabella's impromptu 6 month photo shoot:

Attempt #1 = Hmm. Not looking as bright as I might like. Let's try again.

Attempt #2: "Now why would you want to take a picture of the baby when you could have a picture of me instead?!" inquires Tony in not-so-many-words, as he positions himself strategically between Isabella and the camera and waits expectantly.

Attempt #3: Getting closer, but, seriously, can you stow the tongue for the official photo? You are awfully cute, though.

Attempt #4: The camera hog has wormed his way back, after several forceable removals on my part, this time with a hearty, "CHEEEEESE!"

Attempt #5: Thank goodness. We got one.

And just in time, too. Because...she's outta here!

1 comment:

Qtpies7 said...

I like the ones with her tongue out! They are so "baby."
Samuel still seems like he is 6 months old to me, and I like it that way! He is little, but he crawls, climbs, plays, and makes loud noises, and he eats a lot. But mostly he is just so small and cute, that it doesn't seem like he is only 2 months from his first birthday.