Monday, August 27, 2007

Momma Called the Doctor and the Doctor Said...

...that there is absolutely nothing wrong with Isabella's mouth or tongue and that, go figure, she probably just likes to stick it out. She should outgrow it within a few months.

Just what I thought, but it is good to know for sure.

If she is still doing it pervasively two months from now, they will regroup and do some basic screening to rule out rare, but possible, neurological causes. Thankfully, the doctor believes it is highly unlikely that we will get to that, and believes Isabella is a perfectly healthy little girl.

So there you have it, hot off the medical presses.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear the good news. All the prayers were heard!

Thanks for sharing the pictures! She's adorable. The kids have grown so much since you guys left St. Rita's.


Tina said...

My daughter does the same thing. (she just turned one) I am a speech therapist and I have tried many different things. From what I can is a habit. (maybe her tongue is larger, but not grossly too large) So I do what every mother does with a habit...constantly correct/remind/reinforce. I take my finger and push her tongue in her mouth and say, "tongue in". After doing this for a long time (seems like an eternity) she will now put her tongue in by herself when I say "tongue in".
I don't know what else to do! Keep me posted if you hear anything else to try.