Monday, August 06, 2007

It Really Is Magic

I am oh-so grateful to the inventive folks over at Badge Magic.

Because, even though I enjoy sewing (and even do it from time to time), there is no way Lindsey's Brownie Uniform would look like this without them:

Rather, all these hard-earned patches would be sitting in a basket on my sewing table, waiting for their day in the sun, and poor Lindsey would be attending event after event with my apologies and promises that I really would sew them on soon.

Nor would Joey's, Sam's and Jay's Cub Scout shirts be properly adorned.

Because, really, with a Brownie, two Cub Scouts and a double Asst. Den Leader--so far!--in the house, who has the time to properly patch them all? Just changing the thread in my bobbin alone would take more time than cutting off and peeling half a dozen of these magic stickers.

I have been known to use them for karate uniform patches as well. Cheating, you say? So what!

Thanks, guys. Keep up the good work.


Michelle said...

Oh, thank you! Since we moved, I have to rip off all the council badges and put on new ones...and then again next year...

I was happy to have found "invisible" thread (clear), so at least I wasn't changing that with every patch. But this, wow, my kids might actually be up to date for every pack meeting!

Qtpies7 said...

Cheating is great! Take every one that comes available when you are a mom to many!