Friday, August 17, 2007

More Magic

This time the magic is not scouting badge's Magic Mountain, the Six Flags amusement park I took my kids to last week as a reward for good progress made in their summer reading program.

This mountain really is magic. I went there often while growing up, long before it was owned by Six Flags. I have seen it grow and change over the years, in both good and not-so-good ways. But I am here to tell you that the day we spent in the park together was nearly all good. We had so much fun!

One of the changes Six Flags has made in the park is to add a lot of new, "extreme" roller coasters. As someone who likes the classics, like Colossus and the Revolution, I look with suspicion at these metal giants, that are so bumpy and jerky that they are more painful than fun. However, when Joey begged and pleaded with me to go on one of the relatively new coasters called "X" with him, I agreed. I even waited an hour and twenty minutes to do it. I never, ever wait in lines that long. Except to make my kid happy.

Anyway, as we were getting on the ride I told Joey, "No ride on earth could be worth a wait like this one." When I got off, I said, "That one was worth every minute." And it was.

If you've ever been on the Zipper, a classic carnival ride, this might remind you of that. But this would be the Zipper on steroids. It whips you around, face down to the ground, except this time you are much higher, falling farther and there is no cage around you.

I loved it. And so did Joey. But it's most definitely not for the faint of heart.

Long live this magical mountain!


nutmeg said...

Wow. You are such a cool mom!

You couldn't pay me enough to go on those kinds of rides...

When my kids are old enough, it will be DH riding with them, and I'll be the mom waiting with the stroller and cotton candy.


Jen Savard said...

Oh the days of going to Magic Mountain with your Dad! I remember he would give a quarter to whoever saw the tower first. That was huge considering how "fiscal" your Dad was!! Some of my best memories are going there with you. How fun it must have been to go with your kids.