Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Someday I will be able to sleep as late as I want to on Mother's Day. But this Mother's Day I was awakened early with a coo and greeted with a wet, gummy baby smile.

Lucky me.

Someday I will be served breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. But this Mother's Day I hopped out of bed and served my small children breakfast because my husband was up early himself, frantically assembling a basketball hoop for his son in the garage, only because he thought everyone was still sleeping.

What a wonderful dad my children have.

Someday I will receive sophisticated gifts from grown children on Mother's Day. But this Mother's Day I opened hand drawn cards with wobbly printing, filled with treasures from their hearts: a hand beaded rosary, a colored rose with a child's photo in the middle, a paper flower, earrings to replace ones my son noticed I had lost.

Could there be better gifts?

Someday I won't have to do any work on Mother's Day. But this Mother's Day, after eating a delicious brunch prepared by a loving husband, I diligently cleaned the kitchen as he raced out the door to catch a plane for a week-long business trip to England.

How lucky we are that Jay has a job that provides for us so well.

I sure hope "someday" takes it time in arriving.

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