Monday, May 21, 2007

Sacraments and Milestones

It was a big weekend here at the Di Silvestri house.

Isabella was baptized on Saturday by our friend, Deacon Ron. He baptized 18 babies in an hour and a half, and these baptisms were sandwiched in between two (of five) first communion services for the religious education students of our parish. What a beautiful reminder of how active our thriving parish is (although I must admit that I did enjoy the individual baptisms of our other children in our smaller, quieter parish in Northern California)!

Here is sweet Isabella with her godparents, Colin and Melissa:

Isabella is wearing the same "white garment" that all of her siblings and, more notably, her father, were baptized in. I love this tradition and truly hope it will live on another generation.

The next day, Sunday, was Joey's 9th birthday, and we had a big party to celebrate. This was truly wonderful, because Joey has not had a birthday party since we moved down South. It was hard for him to leave his friends up north and it took him awhile to make friends down here. Being homeschooled this year has not helped speed this friend-making process up, so I was thrilled when he decided he wanted to have a party this year, and even more thrilled when I realized that he actually does have quite a few friends down here now, and that they are a really great bunch of kids.

There were about 25 kids at Joey's party. They were from Sacred Heart School (boys he met when he attended there last year and still sees at school events we attend with his still-enrolled siblings), from his Cub Scout pack and from his baseball team. In addition, there were friends he made in one grandmother's neighborhood and one grandmother's Daughters of Norway group.

This was a milestone birthday for me, as it marks him halfway to adulthood. Gulp. How can this be? How can my active mothering of Joey be halfway over? I can't think about this too much or I get unbearably sad. Nine years from now the children will begin the flying away process and I can't bear to think of it. I am well aware that I am currently living the best years of my life, years when all of my children are safely at home and we are all together. I don't want this to end! But, alas, it must. And, those who have been through the teenage years tell me that, in another nine years, I will actually be ready. Perhaps they are right, but I can't imagine it from where I sit now.

At any rate, Joey, I wish you a very happy birthday. You are such an amazing person. I love spending time with you. You are clever, funny, insightful and loving. You have a generous heart and a genuine concern for others. I am very proud of the young man you are growing to be and feel so privileged to be your mother. I plan to treasure the remaining half of your childhood with all of my heart. I love you!

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