Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Congratulations, Angels!

FINALLY, the Angels of Quartz Hill Little League have won a game! Yippee, yahoo! They have been close, even against very good teams, but for the first time last night they officially put one away.
Would it be bragging to mention that my very own son contributed to the winning score? Good, I didn't think so.
These days I have only been able to see snippets of the games, as I am busy keeping track of the problem child...you know, the one who is only content if he is climbing something he is sure to fall off of, eating pieces of random trash he finds on the ground, or running into the parking lot at breakneck speed. But what I do see I enjoy.
While watching, I feel the pressure these kids are under to make the catch, hit the pitch and generally not screw up in front of the crowd and their teammates. I was never cut out to play team sports, so I am extra proud of Joey for just being there, not to mention scoring a run or stopping a play in the outfield.
Go, Angels! May you win again soon!


Jen Savard said...

CONGRATS ANGELS!!!!! We know what it is like to win and lose. They say just have fun playing the game but I have to say winning makes it even more fun. Love the picture f Joey.

kate said...

Oh how fun! Good for him! My five y/o scored her first goal on Saturday (not that they keep score for the U5 set, but....) Isn't it great!