Thursday, January 04, 2007

On the Seventh, Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Days of Christmas... true love gave to me, ten rowdy 5 year olds, nine years of dog care, eight weeks 'til baby, seven hours of slothdom,

six pounds of onions, five charming kids, four needle sticks, three game controllers, two duelling dog lovers, and my health and some sanity.

Ten Rowdy Five Year Olds

Remember the silver lining to the terrible, awful, horrible mass experience I had just before Christmas? It blossomed for me today, as one of the kind Kindergarten moms called and invited Sam to her son's (small) birthday party. This was a direct result of our meeting in the cry room, and both Sam and I had a very nice time. I sent the other kids with their grandmothers for the afternoon (thanks, grandmas!) so I could go with just Sam and focus on getting to know some of the other moms. It worked out great and I have now built some new bridges.

Nine Years of Dog Care

(At least!) Yes, you guessed it, the "boys" brought home their new dog last night. He is a very cute and sweet Mastiff puppy whom Joey has named Trooper. It is technically his dog, but we shall see how this actually turns out in the long run. So far Joey has been an eager dog dad, cleaning up after him, taking inappropriate items out of his mouth as fast as he can suck them in, and patiently taking him out to his potty area frequently. I forgot how much a puppy is like a toddler, but so far both Jay and Joey respect that I wanted nothing to do with this and are scrambling to make sure none of it is my problem. I assume that this, too, will wane with time, but I am grateful for their efforts nonetheless.

Eight Weeks 'Til Baby

32 weeks and counting. It is at this point in the pregnancy that I start counting again. I do it during the first nausea-laden weeks, praying to get to the magic 13 when I feel better, and I start again right about now, praying that this child will have the decency to come just a little bit early. Even a few days. Please?

Seven Hours of Slothdom

After a day or two of feeling better (see the "first day of Christmas"), I became quite ill again, and have spent much of the last week either sleeping or lazing around on various couches to the detriment of my family and home. I'm not sure if it is the same thing (it does appear to be the same cough, only more persistent) or some variation of the stomach flu (since that has been an unwelcome added element this week), but the doctor tells me that I am anemic and dehydrated as well as diabetic, so it's no wonder I don't want to get out of bed. Thank goodness the baby seems to be thriving, and that's all that really matters, but I have now been enrolled in the "special" OB program for the duration of my pregnancy, since I am not (thriving, that is). But, still, I hope to be back to my quasi-normal self soon. I've added iron pills and vitamins to my diet, and am forcing water down as much as my stomach can take it, so it shouldn't be long before I'm back in the saddle...I hope!

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4andcounting said...

You are officially nominated for sainthood for taking on a new puppy a mere 8 weeks before adding a child. Good luck with the puppy. I do hope that your health improves--being sick and pregnant is miserable.