Friday, February 26, 2016

Innovation Reigns

Tony is a very busy child.  Not one to sit and watch TV all day long (nor, I'm afraid, read a book) he is constantly testing concepts, learning new tricks and ideas, and putting them all together in projects.

Not all of his projects have been a total success.  He ran into some problems with his "real" Iron Man suit.  His recent Galaxy egg project began with a trip to Michaels and ended with a rather large can of paint remover which kept the house smelling, um, sterile for two days (although the egg WAS beautiful.)

This one, however, is great!  And it really works!

Yes, indeed, it is a speaker for a smart phone.  Easy to make with things found around the house, and super satisfactory results.

Go, Tony, perhaps we should look to you for the next "big" thing?!  I'm sure we won't have to wait long...

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Joan B said...

that looks awesome. your kids are darling