Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Julia's Best Meet Ever

It was on Valentine's Day in Long Beach.  The convention center was teeming with gymnasts.  Julia walked in confidently and...kicked butt!

Here is a photo of her in action on the beam (thanks, Susan):

She got her best all around score ever, earning 2nd place.  She placed 1st on bars and medaled on every event.

Yes, it was fun to watch, but she is always fun to watch.  She is a graceful and beautiful gymnast and I love watching her grow and excel in her sport.  When she is rewarded with good scores, it is truly icing on the cake.

In other gym news, Bella was just promoted to team Excel Silver and has added a day to her practice.  She begins competing next January and will go the same meets as Julia, just at different times.  She is very happy about this development and has worked hard to get there.  Finally, Natalie was just moved to level 2 in the pre-team classes, so it is good news "all around".  (Sorry, a little gym humor.)

Go Di Silvestri girls!

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