Wednesday, February 17, 2016

4 Drivers (!)

For years and years Jay and I were the only two drivers in the family.  About a year and a half ago, Joey got his license and things were...expensive!  But also easier, as he could help us pick up things (or siblings) or drop them off.   Grandma Marilyn gave Joey her 1997 Nissan Pick-Up Truck and that served him especially well as he drove to Mountain High for his job as a ski instructor last winter.  Thank you, grandma!

As you may recall, Joey also has a Jeep Wrangler that he loves, but it is grounded in our garage for the moment.  At some point you will hear about it again once we find the time to get a minor repair done.  It's ironic because I cleaned the garage out in the fall so I could get my car back in there before the weather got cold.  I parked there exactly twice before Joey put his Jeep in my spot the first day it rained. The Jeep doesn't have a waterproof top on it, so it has just stayed where it is since it has been raining so often this winter.  Every morning when I go out to preheat the car (or scrape the ice off the window), shivering, I utter a tiny little Jeep-curse under my breath.

In much bigger news, about two weeks ago, Lindsey got her license too.  Not as expensive this time, but doubly convenient.  She loves to go out any time she has the chance so she has become my go-to girl for milk or bananas, and even better, she drives herself to her friends' houses!  This has been a major time-saver for us.  Grandpa Harry gave her his 2004 Civic and she loves it.  It is very "her" and I love to see her jetting around in it.  Thank you, grandpa!

Yes, the family is growing up.  We only have a few months left with Joey at home and two more years with Lindsey before she goes as well.  I plan to enjoy as many moments as I can with them before that time comes.

Of course, I'll probably have to take the batteries out of their cars in order to "find" those moments!

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