Thursday, April 19, 2012

Surprising It Took This Long, Really

Tony hurt his elbow in a trampoline incident on Easter Sunday. A friend of Joey's accidentally landed on his arm causing us all to think it was dislocated. Jay raced off to urgent care, leaving me to slice the lamb (which, if you know me at all, is quite traumatic). X-rays didn't show anything definitive, so they sent him home with a sling and a lecture on trampoline injuries.

I know, I know...trampolines cause more injuries every year than anything else, blah, blah, blah. I don't doubt it's true, I just would like the people who self-righteously proclaim this to live with seven extremely active children for a full 24 hours with no trampoline or swimming pool and see how quickly they get on to place their order.

I knew between football, gymnastics, tree climbing and trampolining that it would only be a matter of time before we had a broken bone, but I am actually delighted that it took this long. Tony is the first official real cast in our family, and, at that, his injury is minor. (Lindsey once had a softball-related broken thumb, but this is the first actual cast.) So, I still consider us blessed in this regard as some of my friends, with active boys in particular, have spent many hours in casting rooms for limbs of all kinds.

At any rate, over the past 10 days, Tony's injury did not get better and he would not take his sling off. He is not one to nurse his injuries or refrain from rough play of any kind, so we knew something was not right. A visit to the pediatrician led to a referral to a pediatric bone specialist (incidentally, the same doctor who handled Natalie's hips) and Tony came home today sporting this fine cast.

The doctor could not clearly see what the injury is, but cited it as a fracture, telling me that the fluid accumulation and soft tissue swelling around the joint indicates at best a bad bruise and more likely a crack in the joint that cannot be seen. She casted it to be on the safe side and he is really happy to have it secure. He was always babying the arm in the sling and already I can see he is using his shoulder more now that the elbow is stabilized. The cast will come off on May 8th and he should be good as new. He, for his part, is delighted to have a PE excuse for a whole month and is busy collecting signatures on the cast.

The first one to sign it was Tony himself, and he wrote, "me". I enjoyed that.


Auntie Jen said...

Is that a Green Bay jersey I see? Oh,and so sorry Tony about getting hurt BUT that is a pretty cool color for you cast!!

Bob Coldiron said...

Fall 1988 my son Bobby (age 4) broke his wrist diving off the top bunk! I know what you've went through!

Allaire said...

Healing prayers!