Tuesday, April 03, 2012

A Strange Sensation

While I was driving home today I got a bit warm (yes, I who am always cold), so I took off my hat and put it in my purse. I forgot I wasn't wearing it when I got home and got out of the car. I rarely if ever go outside without a hat.

As I stood there, just outside the car in my driveway, I felt something I haven't felt in nearly a year: I felt the wind blowing through my hair. It felt wonderful!

My "hair" is still pretty pathetic, about a quarter to a half inch long with thin spots and uneven growth. It is nearly all gray in the front and brown in the back. It has been many, MANY years since I have seen my natural hair color (I began graying in my twenties) so I am enjoying this virgin hair, never treated, so very soft.

I polled the kids recently on what I should do about this hair since it won't be long before I can go out without a hat. Should I color it or let it be? I am biased toward letting it be, as I am not embarrassed by my gray hair--I have earned every strand. I did not expect Julia's response: "I am too young to have a mom with gray hair! PLEASE color it!"

I guess I understand that, so I will probably at some point color it. But for now I am enjoying the sensation of this afternoon, of being able to run my fingers through the fuzz, of having something to shampoo, and I don't much care what the color is. I have some hair, and that is a pretty delightful thing.


Anonymous said...

LOL, please tell Julia she cracks me up! -AO

Annie Bizzi said...

Their are plenty of gracefully graying women... I think you should give yourself a break form the chemicals of hair dye and teach that sweet little Julia that her Mommy is more beautiful now than ever before--how's that for graceful?!!