Sunday, August 07, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday, Sam!

Happy, happy birthday to our sweet Sam. Child of light, child of joy...child an entire decade old now! How did that happen?

Sam, you are a true gift from God not just for our family but to all. You are so funny and sweet and kind, always generous and thinking of others and what they might need. You are self-sufficient, independent and just plain fun to be around. You are a great joke teller and always know just what to say to lighten our moods and make us laugh. You are an amazing brother to your siblings and are always so willing to help out the little ones.

May God bless you richly always. You are one super-loved child!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam!!! We hope you have a wonderful day!!


The Herbert family

Emily Aoun said...

Happy Birthday, Sam!!! Everything your mom wrote is so very true! You are an awesome kid! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

jeniekelso said...

Happy Birthday Sam!!! Wishing you lots of laughter on your birthday and the years to come :0)

The Kelso's

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sam!
I am looking forward to getting to know you this year.
Mrs. Vogenthaler

Allaire said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU SAM!!! And CONGRATULATIONS Di Silvestri family and Mom & Dad: Suzanne & Jay! Wow. Double digits! The big 10! Joy, joy, joy and blessings!!!
And Suzanne, I climbed for you this weekend, thinking of you, praying for you. You were with me in spirit. And we did it, girlfriend! Chloe, her Godfather and I reached the summit of Mt. Whitney Saturday morning August 6, 2011. It was humbling. I hope this quote from a t-shirt in Lone Pine I share with you makes you smile a little bit. And in honor of Sam the humorist: "Yea, though I hike up steep mountain trails with no idea what is behind the next switchback, I shall fear no evil because at 14,497 feet there is not enough oxygen for my brain to understand FEAR anyway." Beautiful brave one, let your light continue to shine; that is my soulful, heartfelt prayer. Let the healing begin!

Jen Savard said...

Happy birthday Sam! And might I say that is one good lookin' cake!!

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