Thursday, August 18, 2011

Accomplishment of the Week

First day of School at Sacred Heart!

Particularly, I was able to see Tony to his first day of Kindergarten on Monday. I wasn't sure if I could gear up for it, but with lots of help I made it and I am so happy I did.

I am very blessed in neighbors and family and friends who can drive my kids to and from school every day, thank goodness, as I never anticipated I would ever not be able to drive myself somewhere for any significant period of time, but these past two weeks I have been so weak and fatigued that getting out of the house, for even an hour or so, takes many hours of prep and recovery and there are days it simply cannot be done without putting so much of a burden on everyone around me that I have to pick and choose carefully. I think I chose well how I spent my energy this day, though!

This year Joey began eighth grade at Joe Walker Middle School (not pictured, as he started a week earlier and is really too cool for first day photos anyway--but don't is upon us and I will have plenty to post once his game action shots start coming in). He is already having a great year and I am so proud of the person he is growing into.

Lindsey officially began Jr. High as a sixth grader (gulp...I have reverted to using her kindergarten photo bookmark in my bible just so I can cope with this). Sam is a 5th grader and Julia is a 3rd grader. They all have great teachers and are in a small, supportive environment just perfect for what we are all going through right now. I feel nothing but blessed to see them go and come home happy every day this week.

Because Tony is a summer birthday, last year we chose to send him for a year of Kindergarten to our local public school first and I am so glad we did that. He marched into his class on Monday totally with the program, comfortable with the classroom and confident going in. He probably would have done fine going straight in a year ago but especially given recent circumstances around here I am glad for his extra confidence and hope it sticks with him as he moves through the grades. Plus, he is now in the same class with his three good friends (read: sons of MY good friends which as any mom knows is invaluable in the classroom for helpful reminders throughout the school year!).

I am grateful for our schools and our community, but most of all I am blessed beyond belief that I am here when they get home to greet them, sign their assignment books, listen to what they are learning about and who they are sitting next to and who is new this year in their classes. They don't seem to care that most days this week I am still in my pajamas when they get home, sometimes not even having made it downstairs a single time (I try to save my big push for dinner). They just trickle up and visit and it is the most precious thing. I would say hooray for the small things, but this is not small. It is HUGE. Every single day.


Anonymous said...

Let's praise the Lord for all that !
Thank you for the photos. You are all so cute !
Your beautiful smile indicates you are getting better and better. You'll leave the fatigue behind, because Someone who has the power of renewal is within you, as you invite Him in day by day...
What about singing praises to Him ?!

Bianca said...

God is good! I love the pic's! I can't believe how big all the kids are. Sam in 5th grade? Lindsay in junior high? Julia in 3rd grade? WOW!!! I love the pic with you and Tony. Michael is starting kindergarten as well this year. I am glad we decided to wait as well. I think this will help him as he goes through school.

All my love,

Allaire said...

Yeah God! Yeah Suzanne! Yeah family, support, friends, school, love, neighbors, and our village and circle. Continued, constant & consistent prayers for you my dear, precious one!

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