Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Today Joey and Lindsey spent a decent amount of time trying to outdo eachother as to who had the better school schedule.

Joey goes from 8 to 1:55, Lindsey from 8 to 3. They have (I think) the same number of school days in a year, but Joey starts earlier with longer vacation times throughout the year.

As they argued the merits of their particular situations, it became evident that they were near parity. It came down, finally, to that extra hour or so that Lindsey has four days out of the week (she gets out early every Friday).

I explained to Lindsey that her extra time must be so that religion could be taught, as she goes to a Catholic School. Public schools don't teach that subject so they can have a little less time. I went on to assure her that Joey, too, had religious instruction, but with me in the evenings. Therefore, I tried to help them conclude, they ultimately had the same amount of time in school each year.

Joey, not one to lose any argument at all, quickly came back with, "Ha! My religion only takes us 15 minutes, so I win! You have an hour!"

Lindsey gnawed on that for a few moments. Then, with her voice reflecting all the desperation of a sinking sailor, she wailed, "Maaaaawwwwm! You HAVE to make Joey's religion longer!"

Yeah, I'll get right on that. So they can find something new to compete over.


Jen Savard said...

You can tell them they both beat Jeffrey who goes 8:20-3:55 plus has to be there at 5:50am for football practice!!!!

Bianca said...

I Love it! I think John thinks homeschool this year is going to be like religious instruction...15 mins! However, it is going to be sadly mistaken when the routine begins. Wish me luck! :-)