Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's big, it's moving fast, and it's too close for comfort. Please pray for all of us who are in the path of this beast.

Above is the current view from Lindsey's bedroom window (a bit blurry, but you get the idea).

My mother in law, who lives about a mile and a half away from us, was just evacuated, so we are preparing to go as well. No small feat for a family of our size, to be sure.

Hopefully it won't come any closer. Hopefully the ring of fire fighters waiting for it at the bottom of the hill will knock it out before it threatens us. Hopefully no one will lose their lives or their homes.

Off I go, to decide what goes and what stays. Talk about a grounding prioritization! I'll keep you all posted, of course...


Bianca said...

oh dear! Prayers going out to you and all of my beloved SH families! :-( Please keep us posted....hopefully your laptop is on the list of things to take? That is a benefit of a larger family, right? More hands to carry stuff? But seriously, many prayers coming your way!!

Anonymous said...

This one is way too close for comfort! I hope you don't have to evacuate, but if you do I pray that you will all be safe! -AO