Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fond Memories

Sam, Joey and Jay are in Marin County this week so the boys can attend football camp. Joey is staying with a friend he is still in contact with from his kindergarten and first grade days at St. Rita School, so Jay and Sam are enjoying lots of time together, just the two of them.

This morning Jay took Sam out to breakfast at a coffee shop where we nearly always had breakfast after mass on Sundays. Sam (who was just turning 4 when we moved) remembered the place right away. He surprises me constantly with how much he remembers from his early years in Marin.

This quote demonstrates just how well he recalls it:

"Oh, I remember this place! Joey tied my shoelaces together and I fell down right there!" As he said this, he pointed enthusiastically to the exact location in the restaurant where he hit the ground.

Now, I remember the place more for the waffles, but we all have our favorite memories, right? How nice for Sam that he can relive that one.

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Annie Bizzi said...

So funny...when I read this, I remembered sharing a seat with one of the kids so both of our families could "fit" into the restaurant. I never had so much butter on pancakes in my life--it was heaven!