Thursday, March 04, 2010

Time Off for Good (Blood) Behavior

You may have noticed that, lately, I have not been posting much about *The Cancer*. This is because, happily, I have nothing to report! Things are stable with me right now, continuing in a predictable pattern, with no highs or lows. I am loving this!

By bloodwork has been so good, in fact, that I even got this week "off" from driving to UCLA. This is the first week since mid-November that I have not been even once.

At last report, one week after my last treatment, my white blood cell count was normal (granted, it was the very lowest number it could be and still be normal, but normal nonetheless!), and my hemoglobin, which had been as low as 8.3 in recent weeks, was a whopping 11! Just under the normal range of 12-18. My liver function, which had been bordering on "toxic" just a few weeks ago is also nearly normal, with only one measure still running high, and not even very high at that.

Thanks to these numbers, I was able to get my teeth cleaned today! This is a luxury that I have taken for granted my whole life and never really appreciated until I was in jeopardy of being allowed to do so.

Yes, things are good. I believe I am becoming a walking miracle!


nicole said...

Praise God!

Sarah McCormick said...

Yes you are a walking miracle!!!
So glad you are back to some normalcy in life. Take care and
I am always here for you friend. Love, Sarah McCormick
Thank you God

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your great news! I have been following your blog for a number of weeks. I cannot even remember how I came across it. You are in my prayers for a full and speedy recovery. And, on a side note, I LOVE your stories about Bella. I read her birthday post over and over again and had such a great chuckle because she reminds me so much of my three (almost four) year old. God bless you! Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Hey Suzanne;

I've been thinking of you every day and praying. I have people praying for you that you don't know. I am so happy to hear this news --hope to schedule a visit soon. More on that later :)
Love, Maura