Monday, January 25, 2010

Miracle in Progress

We had very good news at the doctor this morning.

Today's physical exam suggests that the primary breast tumor is just 30% of the size it was six weeks ago. Further, Dr. Glaspy expressed confidence that we would see similar significant progress in the liver when we get the results of my upcoming scan.

As I have mentioned before, Dr. Glaspy is a straight shooter, not one to give false hope. In the past when I have asked him for statistics and probabilites he has been reluctant to give them, or to even suggest that I am likely to have a happy ending (although he has certainly always allowed for that possibility). Therefore, it is his reaction to my progress that tells me the most about exactly how good this news is. After the appointment, Jay and I agreed that the best way to describe it was "suppressed giddyness". Indeed, he was smiling like the the cat who ate the canary as he anticipated the result of my scan, which literally flooded me with hope.

So far, I am feeling better than usual post-treatment. Maybe my body is adjusting to the medication? Or perhaps, like last time, it will hit me more significantly later in the week. Either way, it is nice to be awake right now to enjoy this good news.

It feels as if we just might be watching our miracle unfolding before us. Please keep those prayers coming, because they sure seem to be working!


nicole said...

Praise God! I will be praying that the scan results are equally positive.

antonia said...

I am SO grateful to God for this treatment for you!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited to hear this news!!! -A.O.

Emily Aoun said...

Oh Suzanne!! I LOVE it!! This is the BEST news EVER!! Happy, happy tears!

Anonymous said...

what wonderful proof of the power of prayers, hope, faith and optimism.

Wonderful news Suzanne!

My prayers continue as do my prayers of thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this miracle with us! God will continue to hear from us xoxo Le

jen said...

This is very exciting indeed!!

Sarah McCormick said...

Dear Suzanne,
Just what I needed to hear. Tears of happiness for you. Thank you God and please carry Suzanne in your arms. Amen
I truly admire and adore you friend
Love, Sarah McCormick

Anonymous said...

I want to cry right now but that might not go over well while I sit in my cube at work. My experience with doctors are that when things are serious-they don't give false hope. This is great news! Love, Maura

Anonymous said...

And a great day is had by all!! It is all about the moments - savour the good ones! Keep fighting, Suzanne. Hugs - Tracey

Julie said...

Dear Suzanne,
Back from the midwest and overjoyed to catch up on your past few entries! What wonderful news!