Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lindsey!

Double digits. Unbelievable!

Lindsey, you are growing into an amazing young lady. You are caring and generous, funny and clever. I love your contagious enthusiasm and your passion for the things you care about.

I am blessed to be your mother and am so glad to share my days, my home, my life with you. Don't grow up too fast, because I am treasuring every moment.


Tiffany Hayes said...

Please tell Lindsey Happy Birthday from the Hayes Family as well. Suzanne, you are a wonderful mother and all around person. I am pleased to know you. I want you to know that I am available for anything you may need. I can drive you to you to your treatments if you need a ride. I have been to treatment rooms many times and understand the experience.

Tiffany Hayes

Jen Savard said...

Happy Birthday Lynz! Sorry I am late but if it makes you feel better I was late for my own sons birthday! I love your new haircut!!!! Maybe I'll do bangs too!
Love you and miss you!

jen said...

Lindsey is beautiful-just like Mom!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! I'm glad you are enjoying the silly hat. =)
-Angela O.