Monday, May 25, 2009

Technological Glitch Makes for Poor Posting

I have so much to post about. May has been an incredibly busy month.

Sam celebrated his First Holy Communion. Julia turned 6. Joey turned 11. Jay made his annual Mother's Day brunch. Joey made student of the month for the second time in three months.

Baseball continues. Four kids, five different teams (Joey plays on two) means 9 regular practices and 4-7 games per week. And that doesn't even count extra batting practice! Throw in choir (mine and Lindsey's), dental, medical and orthodontic appointments, and I am going through a tank of gas every three or four days. Thank goodness it isn't $4.50 a gallon anymore!

Joey and Lindsey both have major projects due this month. Lindsey's, on Harriet Tubman, required a costume rental and extensive poster board preparation. Joey's is a science fair entry and has Jay welding a catapult (yes, you read that correctly, a catapult) in the garage during every waking moment while I frantically assist with the presentation board. When did it become so that a child's project is a parent's nightmare? But if we don't help when the other parents do, doesn't that put a child at a disadvantage? A vicious cycle to be sure.

Why then, with so much to talk about, haven't I posted anything? Simply because my camera is broken. It is usually photos of these events that get me motivated to post about them, and no images means no motivation. How slippery is the slope of modern technology! What a crutch is has become to self-expression for me!

At any rate, if I ever pull myself out of the fog that has become my life, I will fix the camera and get back on track. In the meantime, bear with this busy mom. I am simply too busy living my life right now to write about it.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, is looking forward to summer more than I am. Fourteen more days of school. But who's counting?


Bianca said...

take deep do that 14 more times and school will be over! HA! Yes, the chaos of the end of the school year activities wears everyone down, even the teachers who assign these projects! Hopefully you will be able to relax a little bit, before vacation plans settle in.

KatieGirl said...

I wish I didn't understand your situation so well. I hate that I can't wait for sports activities to end, but then I foolishly sign them up for something else. I think I am right there with you looking forward to summer. Then we can relax, eat marshmellows and swim at the cabin.

Anonymous said...

Every time I think I have a crazy life with only three kids running me ragged, I will think of you - who has SO MANY more obligations than I do! You do an AMAZING job keeping them going and they are SHINING as a result. Keep up the good work! Summer is right around the corner and I hope you all can take a breath, relax, and reflect on your wonderful lives together. xxoo Renee Bertenthal