Wednesday, May 06, 2009

From Someone Who Has Been Around The Block A Few Times

I have had a bad few weeks, calendar-wise.

Generally, I keep a fairly good calendar. Given how much is on it, I do a pretty good job of getting people where they need to be with the proper items. However, these past few weeks I have been dropping the ball. Kids have missed entire games, I nearly blew a team snack and I have shown up at the wrong time for things that were correctly written on my calendar. What gives?

I was mulling this mystery over out loud while driving the kids to school, when Lindsey said with all the wisdom of someone who has been through this quite a few times, "Mom, are you pregnant?"

I cracked up (and only, mind you, because I am NOT!). Apparently, my nine-year old knows that, in my case, the most obviously explanation for any period of total brain fade is due to pregnancy hormones.

I am guessing that most kids her age would not have gone there first, but I am so amused that she did.

When I assured her I was not expecting, Joey jumped in with, "Well, I guess you're just finally really losing it then."

Thanks, bud.


Bianca said...

thank you for your witty words of wisdom! It is refreshing to read them and to know that I'm not the only one out there "losing it"! :-)

elisa said...

Another explanation could be that just the baseball schedule would be a full time job. Four games a week and at least one practice a week for each child. Not to mention driving the children to school, picking them up(different times for two schools), choir, Lindsey's choir, driving Tony to preschool twice weekly, Bella, who is 2(need I say more?) and Natalie who accompanies you on these various functions. Oh, and there is laundry, shopping and cooking, doctor's appointments, etc.

Not to worry summer is just about here.

Annie Bizzi said...

I laughed out loud--I can just picture their faces!

You are in good company, my friend!

KatieGirl said...

very good company. I can't wait for softball to end.