Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It Was Inevitable

Someone was going to need stitches, sooner or later.

Joey's teacher called yesterday morning and told me to come fetch him right away, as he was going to be needing some medical attention. Joey's description of the incident: "I was trying to cut the grip off the pencil--which I now know was a really bad idea--and the scissors slipped."

I will spare you the gory photo I took in the urgent care, but the kids are really enjoying grossing themselves out over it.

Two hours and four stitches later, he is on the road to recovery and is quite the celebrity at school this week. Happily, he missed the tendon and should have no lasting effect beyond a "really cool" scar on the index finger. Lucky boy.

Is this a blog or a medical reporting medium? Lately, it is getting hard to tell the difference.


KatieGirl said...

Sounds like something I would do opening a new toy. I swear these toys must be protected against high security. The plastic is so thick and hard to open I have sliced myself many times now. I hope Joey is feeling better.

Jen said...

Jeff wants to see a pic!
I would say I hope he feels better soon but it sounds like he is already doing just fine and enjoying the stardom of it all!