Monday, December 01, 2008

Finally In the Hospital

Well, my water broke early this morning and I have been sitting on a gurney in the hospital triage since about 10am waiting for a room to open up. One just did about a half hour ago and I am now, happily, in a delivery suite waiting to meet our new daughter.

Since I have not, in the 12 hours since my water broke, established any regular contractions on my own, they have just started me on Pitocin. This is definitely to my dismay, but I am actually glad that I had the time to sit and see what could happen rather than them going right away to the assist.

Hopefully, this will not be the marathon that Isabella's delivery was, but whatever comes, at least the time is here. We'll keep you posted. Keep us (and the grandparents who are watching all the kids and probably have a tougher 24 hours ahead of them than I do) in your prayers!

Jay insisted that I include this photo of me blogging at the hospital...for your amusement:


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! .... and you look great! ... This WAS taken over an hour ago now though !! Hopefully all is going well... You are in my prayers ! Can't wait to meet the new DiSilvestri girl...... Good luck to all three of you !!

KatieGirl said...

We should all look so good! Can't wait to meet your new little Angel. I wanted to have Vadim in December but the Doctor refused to let me wait that long. Oh, Well. Good luck! Lots of love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I will keep your in my prayers tonight and I will keep everybody who helping you out in my prayers too. Can't wait to hear more news on the newest DiSilvestri.

Jen said...

Yeah!!! You look fantastic! I found an old picture of you holding Hannah right after she was born....who knew what that would start!!
Love you