Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today my kids met their second cousins for the first time. Since our kids don't have any first cousins, having and knowing second cousins is a big deal for them, and we had a great time visiting with my cousin Mike's three fabulous kids today.

Here are the 9 of them after a busy day of swimming, burgers, arts and crafts and Guitar Hero.

It's hard to tell who had a better time...the kids or the grandpa brothers who don't see each other nearly often enough by the looks of it.

Grandpa Marty and Great Uncle Mike:

Grandpa Marty was having such a good time that he even took the wiggle car for a spin around the track, to the delight of us all (yes, I got video!).

Thank you for visiting--we had such a wonderful time seeing you all. Come again soon!


Anonymous said...

this is totally off your blog topic... your garden is fantastic! I can see all the green growth in the background and is Jay building that structure? Very cool! Have you eaten from it yet?

Jen Prosi

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

Yes, that is my garden. Jay built me 5 raised beds this spring and then we had it fenced to protect the seedlings from the dog and the kids.

It is my first time attempting a serious garden and I am definitely experiencing hits and misses! What you see looking so lush is the tomatoes, basil, onions and peppers, most of which are doing very well. I have made pesto from the basil and we all loved that but I don't have any ripe tomatoes yet. Some very promising ones are under development, so I will keep you posted when I harvest something.

There is a lot that didn't germinate or sprouted and then died, so I still have lots to learn. I will post on the garden later in the summer and give a full report.