Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tony

Three years ago you arrived in the wee hours of the morning, so quickly that the doctor did not make it in time.

We brought you home to sea of packing boxes and chaos and, at just two weeks old, you moved with us to the desert. As strange as it seems to me, you won't remember anything but what our life is now. To you, Marin is just an entry on your birth certificate. You won't ever know what your first home looked like. Yet, it is where I first got to know you, where I kissed your sweet head for the first of millions of times.

In just three years you have grown from a beautiful baby into a charming preschooler. You are so articulate that you constantly surprise me. You can explain yourself completely, leaving no doubt as to your generous, decisive, thoughtful, creative nature. What a joy it is to hear your thoughts, know your wishes (usually) and experience your imagination.

How I love to see you race around the pool on your wiggle car, giggle with delight as you aim your squirt gun, sleep peacefully at night when your energy finally runs out, arm tucked cozily under your cheek.

Tony, you are a wonderful person, a delightful companion, a funny playmate and a generous brother. Although I can't imagine leaving behind the child you are now, I can't wait to see the gracious young man you are destined to be. How blessed I am to be your mother!


Annie Bizzi said...

What a sweet guy--unfortunately, this reminds me that we have been apart from the Di Silvestri's for 3 years now--sniff, sniff...

Hope you're all doing well--we think of you often!
Happy B-day Antonio!

Jen said...

We feel very fortunate to have gotten to spend time with you this summer and get to know you. We love you "come watch me on the wiggle-car" Tony!

nicole said...

I swear our sons are somehow cosmically related. Mine will be three in September. He loves Cars. And they just look alike. Happy Birthday to Tony.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday Tony - Sorry we missed it, but hopefully we'll be able to see you guys soon and make up for it !! Oh my gosh, you look soooo big and grown up !! We Miss you lots !! (the rest of the family too !) Give everyone hugs and kisses for us.
We Love You
Aunt Lori and Michael