Friday, July 11, 2008

Too Hot

It has been hot. REALLY hot. So hot that I can't even go outside and get in the pool. That hot.

I have noticed a correlation between the heat and my mood this year. I have been inexplicably crabby for the past three days when the heat topped 110 degrees. If it were just dry heat it probably would have been OK, but it was oddly humid too. This is very rare for us desert dwellers and we don't take to it well!

Today the temperature dropped into the high 80s and brought a strong breeze. My mood miraculously and instantly improved!

Well, at least I am in the "happy trimester". I really feel for those 3rd trimester ladies I see in the OB office, sweltering and swelling. There is little worse than being pregnant and hot.

Here's to the hope of fall-like weather joined with our current summer schedule--my dream combination.

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