Monday, December 03, 2007

I Just Don't Get It

Why, oh why, would a car sit in the Costco parking lot, watching me unload a cart very full of groceries (and a number of small children) for more than 10 minutes, with its blinker persistently letting me know it is waiting for my parking spot, when there are a number of spots open about 6-8 slots down from mine? Or one row over? HOW LAZY ARE YOU PEOPLE?!

(Sorry. Had to rant, just a little.)


nutmeg said...

Welcome to the "holiday shopping season"... don't you just love it?

*cheesy smile*


Annie Bizzi said...

Honestly, I think people enjoy the feeling of control when they know you are rushing you. My passive aggressive solution to that is to take my time!
I haven't even been close to braving our Costco yet as it is the only one in a county of 200,000 people. Just the parking lot scares me!

Jen Savard said...

That's when I slowly load my car, return the cart to the cart park, and then rememder I forgot to buy something and then start to go back into the store!!

Michelle said...

what jen said!