Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mmm, Mmm Good

I love IKEA. It is one of the world's greatest shopping experiences. Things are bargain priced, unique and useful, and the selection is plentiful. The bathrooms are set up for children. There is a check-in playground. There are even kid activity kiosks in areas where a mom might get bogged down and wish to thoughtfully consider a purchase for more than 30 seconds. Say, for instance, in the window treatment section, where I happily spent a good 15 minutes today, even with 4 children in tow.

But even better than all of these things is the IKEA cafeteria. The meatballs with cream gravy and lingonberry jam are absolutely delicious, and with kids' meals priced at just $1.99, what could be better?

Not much, in my opinion.


Annie Bizzi said...

I so agree...and we just got one in Portland!

jen said...

Yeah baby!
The Ikea in Portland is so-way-cool!
We are about to get some flooring for a fraction of what it would have cost at Home Depot.
The playroom is totally rad too. Audrey loves the shoe!
Love you Suz!