Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Nine Months Old Already

And then some! I have been so distracted by Thanksgiving and Christmas that I almost left off a month in Isabella's first year posts. Since this is the only baby book she currently has, I must not fail!

At any rate, my nine month old baby finally has a tooth, has discovered the fun of tossing out the plastic cups from their oh-so-reachable drawer and loves to "help" me unload the dishwasher. She is everywhere, constantly in motion. But best of all, she has a brilliant smile that lights up her entire face and, consequently, mine.

Although I do not have evidence of this smile in the above photo, I was so pleased with her cute little outfit that I had to post it anyway. Plus, she hardly ever sticks her tongue out anymore, so this may be the last evidence of that baby habit that had us so concerned.

Happy nine months, Isabella!


nicole said...

Love the outfit!

Jen Savard said...

You and Jay are such an amazingly beautiful couple (inside and out) that it is no surprise that your children are gorgeous! Suz, how come I keep getting older and fatter and you just keep getting more beautiful? Maybe I need to have more kids!! :) Yeah....that's the ticket!!

jen said...

You do look ravishing!


Seriously, how friggin cute is this photo?
That baby?
The outfit she's in?
So much cuteness going on in this picture
Total photo contest material!

jen said...

Oh and Suz?
Love for you to see my little one too.
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