Tuesday, November 14, 2006

An Unforseen Benefit of Tivo

Tonight I was catching up with some work at my desk, letting the children watch a before-bed TV show when I was interrupted by pervasive peals of laughter coming from their playroom.

I got up to investigate and found the four older children watching Maggie and the Ferocious Beast, remote in hand, pausing and rewinding and starting the same part over and over again. I sat on the couch to observe what was so funny and they were only too delighted to show me. Again, and again and again.

They had latched on to one scene where Hamilton the pig steps on Maggie's foot while dancing. Mildly funny to be sure, but not worth the hysteria that was ensuing. The good part, as they defined it, was to pause the program at the exact moment when Hamilton's hoof squashes Maggie's foot and she cries out. Viewing at normal speed, one would never have seen the exquisite detail with which the animators captured her anguish. However, viewed frame by frame, we could see exactly how painful this must have been for her, as her eyes screw up and her mouth opens to 5 times its normal size. For some reason, each child found this funny beyond measure and watched it again and again and again, howling with laughter at each progressive frame.

I don't get it, but I guess I don't need to.


Jen said...

All you have to get is that 4 of your children were all getting along and laughing together not at each other.

antonia said...

hehe!! aww!

Anonymous said...

too funny...the kids, not the show.

mickey said...

well... as the creator of Maggie... I'm sorry they found such pain in our show.

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

Mickey, we love the show! It was because the animation and detail were so good that the kids got such a kick out of it.

Thanks for creating such fun and watchable TV for little ones.