Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Saint Francis has a Black Eye

Seriously. Look for yourself.

Since today is All Saints Day, my school-going kids got to dress as their favorite saint. Any student wearing a saint costume got to lead the mass procession, carrying the banner of the saint that their grade chose. I can't tell you how funny it was to see Sam (a.k.a. Saint Francis) leading the Kindergarten procession, with his hands piously pressed together, sporting a shiner. I'm thinking this has to be a first. Or, maybe not, who knows?!

Lovely Lindsey was Saint Rita, the patron saint of impossible causes (chosen in honor of our former parish, Saint Rita). I couldn't figure out a humane way to affix a thorn to her forehead, so I skipped it. Jay encouraged her to grow very, very comfortable in her habit since she will be joining the convent before she is ever allowed to date. That poor girl.

As weary as this mother is after Halloween followed by new costumes for All Saints Day, it is all worth it for photo ops like these. Oh, and for the record...the shiner is a result of a jump house collision with his older brother. And that boy barely even noticed he was injured. Go figure!


Suzanne Temple said...

Our oldest was St Francis, too, in a very similar costume. But he didn't have a black eye.

By the way, are you a TAC graduate?

Suzanne Di Silvestri said...

No, but I grew up in Ojai and live fairly close to TAC now. My husband went on retreat there over the summer and really enjoyed the campus.

Did you go there?

Jen said...

Awe, what little angels.....I mean Saints they are!

Suzanne Temple said...

Yes, my husband and I graduated in 1996. My older brother taught at the school for a while and lived in Ojai during that time.

Is the restaurant "Suzanne's" still in business there? My husband took me there for obvious reasons. The food was good.