Saturday, November 25, 2006

Cowboy in the Desert

Today I took a dirt road shortcut through the desert and saw a delightful sight: an authentic cowboy on horseback. I thought fondly of Lonesome Dove as I approached him, and took comfort in the fact that I live in a part of the west that is still just a little bit wild.

As I got nearer, I realized that he was not riding as a cowboy should. He seemed distracted and somewhat sideways in his saddle. Curious, I looked closer. He was holding something to his head. It must be a rag to ward off the dust, I thought, thinking of the classic kerchiefs of years ago.

As I passed alongside him, I took one last satisfied glance at my own local piece of history. It was then I realized it wasn't a kerchief at all. He was, in fact, talking animatedly on his cell phone. In his chaps and cowboy hat. On his horse. In the middle of the desert.

So much for Lonesome Dove.

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