Thursday, March 10, 2016

Joey's Job

The last time I posted about Joey's job he was teaching young snowboarders and skiers how to ride. To everyone's surprise, he didn't go back to that this season.  Instead, he has been working as a bus boy at an amazingly delicious restaurant called Fresco II, which serves Italian and Mediterranean food.

My kid is transformed.  He loves his job (and the money it provides) and takes as many hours as he can get.  It is a two-restaurant outfit, one here in Palmdale and one at the Oxnard Harbor, which is perfect since he is going to school in Ventura in the fall.  He has already requested a transfer when the time comes, and he is such as hard worker that I can't imagine it won't work out. 

As humans, we were made to work and get great satisfaction from a job well done.  This may be the first time Joey has truly experienced this in his life.  I have no doubts now about his work ethic.  He will cheerfully do anything his boss asks of him (including taking dishwasher shifts if needed...I am thrilled with his new skills in this area and so will his roommates be next year!).  He fixes things that need fixing and will stay late after his regular shift to paint, fix walls or work on the roof.  He seems to be well-liked by his co-workers and his customers and comes home each night with a pocket full of cash, which has relieved some of our family's constant outflow.  At least from him we don't hear, "Can I have $20 to go to the movies?"  Now, only six more to go!

Speaking of others, Lindsey has just applied for a seasonal job at the Jethawks Stadium. I can only hope it will go as well for her.

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