Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A MasterCard Moment

Here is a picture of  the former paint and color scheme of Natalie and Bella's bedroom (which used to be Tony and Sam's).   They did not like it (obviously), so the state of affairs became such that they both have been sleeping  in our room every night.  The floor of our room has been constantly littered with small bodies and all the bedding and dolls and stuffed animals that come with them.   Something had to be done...

2 Gallons of Primer and a Gallon of "Sweet Baby Girl" Pink Paint:    $75.00
Walmart's Finest Hello Kitty Bedding for two, plus Curtains:     $120.00

Two little girls blissfully asleep in their own beds for the very first time:  Priceless!

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Anonymous said...

What a difference!! I love it , the girls love it, and I am awed by your pluck (and good taste.)