Monday, September 24, 2012

So Much for All That Extra Time

Didn't I say that having help with the house would give me more time to blog?  Hmmm...  It's not really worked out like that so far.

I am so happy to have help with the never-ending laundry and ceaseless feeding of the kids that I have been busier than ever!  I have been helping the kids with their homework every night, quizzing them on vocab and for tests and, for the first time in years, really understanding what they are doing in school and sports.  I actually took Natalie to the library and have been reading to her.  I can't remember the last time I did that with one of my kids (for awhile now, I have been having the older kids read to the younger ones, truly a shame in retrospect).

I am getting ready to paint the little girls' room and have been busy attacking piles of accumulated junk around the house.  I have updated girl scout vests, spent time playing the Dora matching game, Scrabble, Club Penguin and Racko to my kids' delight.  I have taken them to the scooter store, out for ice cream and shopping when they need something specific.  I have read the books my older kids are reading so I can discuss with them and help them as needed with related assignments.  For someone who has spent much of the last year asleep and every waking moment fulfilling the basic needs of the family rather than enjoying the family, I feel as if I have a new lease on life.  There is so much to do, especially with the kids, who I almost missed grow up in my stupor.

I would be a fool if I weren't taking advantage of this extra time to sleep as needed, but I'm no fool!  I am not the same physically since my brain radiation and get terribly fatigued each afternoon.  Being able to give into that and nap, knowing that the house, dinner and the kids are being cared for is such a blessing in this regard.  When I wake up I am ready for the evening shift, altogether more cheerful than I was when I was trying to "do it all" and failing miserably.  I am most definitely counting my blessings and thank God for the resources he has provided us to be able to get me the help I need.

I have a brain scan tomorrow--nothing suspicious, just my regular three month check for malicious activity.  I am praying harder than ever that it is clear, because I am most definitely not done with my work--the only work that truly matters in the end.

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Kerry said...

Praying for your scan!

So glad you can do all those important and fun things with your kiddos!