Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here We Go Again

Results from yesterday's brain MRI were not what I had hoped they would be...but they were not as bad as they could have been either.

I have a new tumor on my brain measuring 7mm.   It is located on the margin of the left lateral ventricular and appears to be a regrowth of one of the original lesions.

No, this is not good news.  And, no, I am not totally surprised, as I knew, statistically, that this was eventually a virtual certainty, and that I have been very fortunate to go a year with no regrowth.  Nonetheless, I was becoming pretty convinced by clear scan after clear scan that I was going to be Don Alvaro's miracle, a dream I am not planning on giving up no matter what the medical evidence says.

And it could have been much worse.  If I had a lesion measuring more than a centimeter, or if I had more than six lesions, according to my previous radiation oncologist I would not be treatable, so I am actually counting my blessings that this is at least something we can attack.

I am seeing a new doctor tomorrow, a brain-specific radiation oncologist, and we will decide what to do about this pesky growth. I have no idea what is coming down the road for me in terms of treatment.  Could be gamma knife radiation, could be chemo, could be craniotomy, I really have no idea.  I pray that whatever it is will not be too awful and that I don't lose any more cognitive function, since I have far less to spare in that area than I used to!

Is it impossibly vain to add that I hope I can keep at least most of the bush residing on my head that I have so labored to grow in desert conditions?  Gray and frizzy as it is, it is mine and I am fairly inclined to keep it.

So, I will keep you posted (Get it?  Posted?  Ha ha!) after I see my new doc tomorrow.

Keep praying and know that, truly, though I am acutely sad for my family to have to experience more of this, I am at peace and always, always trust that God unfailingly gives us what we need.

(Whether we want it or not!)


Anonymous said...

Huh, I must be void of some of my cognitive function, cuz I don't get it.... Posted?

Anonymous said...

Oh wait, now I get it.....Posted, as in a blog post....ahhhh..... I'm just slow! Fortunately, I still remember how to pray. :)

Kerry said...

You are such an inspiration to me. Sorry to hear of the new growth. Will be praying....

Michelle said...

as always: praying.

Anonymous said...

Have you looked into pencil beam proton radiation at M D Anderson in Houston? You are in my prayers.

Allaire said...

Your faith and courage is indomitable. Much love and prayers galore! GO AWAY CANCER! You are not welcome in Suzanne's body anymore!!!
Healing hugs virtual and real! Humbly and inspired by you, dear beautiful, smart Suzanne!