Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Blue Shield Blues

Has anyone heard of the break between Blue Shield and UCLA? Blue Shield members are no longer covered at UCLA due to a breakdown in contract negotiations.

Guess who has Blue Shield? That's right, me.

Thank goodness that, after many phone calls and frightening moments, along with a week's delay in my treatment, Blue Shield has granted me a Continuity of Care exception and will continue to allow my treatments through Dr. Glaspy until the 31st of March, by which time they expect I will find a new doctor and treating facility.


I have been with Dr. Glaspy and Denise (NP) and their wonderful team of chemo nurses since the beginning and he has done an excellent job of keeping me alive. I don't want another doctor. I don't want another treatment facility. What I want is for Blue Shield and UCLA to kiss and make up before I have to change.

As you all know, I have a Omaya Reservoir in my brain that many doctors do not have any experience with at all. There is no place like UCLA for cutting edge clinical trials. All my records are there. My Radiation Oncologist, who is one of the very best at stereotactically zapping tumors that dare to return after whole brain radiation and stretching out the amount of time patients with brain mets live, is there. I don't want to go, I don't! I know so many doctors and nurses there that I can't go to the cafeteria without seeing someone I know! (Scary, but true). I feel like UCLA is a strange kind of home away from home and I hate that I am being forced to look elsewhere. I hold on to the hope that they will settle this before the end of March, but neither side seems to think this is going to happen when questioned.

We are lucky enough to live in an area with lots of good cancer treatment centers and there are many good oncologists around. I just don't want to find one of them. I am happy where I am!

Blue Shield has given us excellent coverage during all of this and I have been so fortunate to have had the coverage I have had. Is it greedy to say that I want more? Well, I do.

But, like I always tell my kids, "You can't always get what you want..."


anna lisa said...

Oh...(blankity blank) Never a dull moment in your simple life eh? I'm praying for a GOOD resolution, but for the time being, get greedy with God, go to the negotiation table, show him that port to your poor abused brain, hunker down next to the cross, ask for what you need, and then ask him for a WHOLE BUNCH of souls. Be AUDACIOUS, and don't cut Him any slack.

Nicole said...

Yeah, actually yesterday one of the regular customers that comes into my work was talking about just that. Her husband has melanoma and when they went to UCLA they would not see him because they have Blue Shield. So weird that you bring that up. Here is praying that something can be done about it though. I hope you have a great day Suzanne!

Michelle said...


Karen said...

Praying for God's will in this.

Anonymous said...

Suzanne - this is caca. What about starting an online petition? It worked when Verizon was changing their policy. It worked when bofa went to change theirs. And I know not what you may be pleased about, but it just worked with Komen. What can I do? I can't imagine you having to change....I also think there was just an article in la times last week about a woman in a similar predicament with tho situation and I think ahe won the case. I will look to see if I can find it. Love you and sorry you are having to deal with it. Tracey

Anonymous said...

Oh, crazy! I am frustrated for you! I hope they get it together soon, so you don't have to move your treatments elsewhere!! -AO

anna lisa said...

Wondering how that's going...sending up the incense of prayer for resolution...xoxo