Tuesday, November 01, 2011

A minor delay

As you know from Suzanne's previous post, she was supposed to have her new port put in yesterday. However, there was a delay and she didn't have the procedure until this morning.
As of now, we are not positive when she will be having her first infusion of the Herceptin through her new port. We do know that it is against hospital policy to do the infusion while she is still an inpatient at the hospital. So, she will have to be discharged in order to go to the Westwood campus to have her infusion. After that, we will see. Will they simply send her home? Send her back to Santa Monica to be readmitted? Quite a few questions and not enough answers!!
Thank you all for the continued love, support, and prayers. When we learn the next steps I will do my best to post it here.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds confusing. Please give Suzanne our love. The Herberts