Sunday, November 20, 2011


Today officially ended our football/cheer season. As happy as I am that we play this sport as a family, I am always even happier to have the break that the end of the season brings.

I seem to be unique in this view within my family.


Julie said...

Yay for Lindsey!! I am so happy for her and her squad! I recorded Bella's routine and I will send it to you so that you can upload it for all to see :)

Thais Bradley said...

First of all, let me tell you: You are such a great writer!!!
I know what you're talking about when it comes to finally getting a break from a sport! In our case it's softball! Amanda's travel team, have been playing in different cities and states almost every weekend, and is now taking a little time to rest! It feels so good to be free on the weekends to do whatever we want!
I'm so happy to hear all these great news about your children! They are so adorable, Suzanne! What a blessing!! It was so nice to see you at Mass today! I was looking at your boys sitting in front of us, and admiring their cheerfulness and good looks!
They are sooo handsome!! It was so nice to see how happy they were to be there with their Momma!
I love you Suzanne! I'm planning to visit soon :)

Barb said...

I'm so glad you were able to do all of those things with your family this weekend....I imagine your children were thrilled to have you there!
My daughter played soccer all the way through college and as much as we loved it, I was always glad to get a break too...
You will continue in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Best post ever Suzanne, perhaps because I lived though each moment of the events, which are part of raising saints.


Anonymous said...

See now, THAT'S what I'm talking about ! Everyone will remember this weekend. And that you were right there Mom, cheer hair and all !....... xo.

nicole said...

So glad you got to see it all! What a blessing.

We are also in our short break from sports. We had 4 kids on 4 different teams (3 sports) in the fall. 3 kids will be playing basketball this winter, but two of them are on the same team. Then we'll go crazy again in the spring with 4 on 4 teams again. It is crazy but fun too. And it does help us treasure days where there is nothing on the calendar.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,
It sounds like an awesome weekend!I am happy to hear that you got to get out and enjoy yourself, too. Happy Thanksgiving, and I hope to see you soon!

Allaire said...

Way to go!