Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Locks of Love

I have not been able to cut my hair since my diagnosis. At first it was purely psychological--I was supposed to lose my hair and, indeed, was prepared to do so. When I found out I was spared that particular side effect thanks to my study drug, I clung to my tresses with all my might.

After a few months of observing the women in the infusion room who were not as fortunate as I in their follicle response to chemo, I began to realize that I was growing it for a purpose. Locks of Love is an organization that makes real human hair wigs for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment or other health disorders causing hair loss. My hair met their specifications for donation, provided I could give them 10 inches. Now, that's a lot of hair. Nonetheless, I was determined to give back what should not have been mine and so the growing began.

Last week I made the cut and sent the envelope off with much joy and a beautifully complete sense of purpose. I have had the chance to return a gift that was given me and I couldn't be happier about it. Plus, I love my new haircut!

Here's what 10 inches of hair looks like...


Jason Schalow said...

So, on top of having a sense of personal fulfillment and a super cute haircut, think of the money you'll save on shampoo! A win-win-win scenario!

Thus, I award you 973 points for finding a way to be compassionate and look good at the same time (it would have been 1000 if you had been daring enough to buzz it all off :-)


Mia said...
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Annie Bizzi said...

It's so nice to see a picture of you--this month it will be a year since I've seen you!

Great cut, wonderful purpose--you go girl!

Sarah said...

Dear Friend,
I LOVE THE HAIR CUT! You look so good. You are always an inspiration to me. Love you,
Sarah McCormick

Bianca said...

beautiful haircut! I am trying to grow my hair out but it just doesn't want to grow that long! SO when I do finally get the 10 inches I need I will send you a pic of what it looks like. Way to go! <3