Monday, November 22, 2010

Post Season Report

Perhaps the football team she cheered for didn't win any games this year, but at least its cheerleaders were champions.

Julia and her talented squad brought home the first place trophy at yesterday's cheer competition, and boy did they deserve it! I could not believe how good they were. They are, after all, only seven and eight year olds, but darned if they didn't pull off a complicated, original, perfectly synchronized and virtually flawless performance. As soon as I get the DVD I ordered I might have to put it on youtube for you all to enjoy.

Both my girls kept their routines tightly under wraps in order to surprise me on competition day, and I was so completely delighted by not only Julia's but also by Lindsey's unique and playful performance. Lindsey's team did not place this year (don't get me started on why she should have placed above a team that relied on a raunchy dance to secure its trophies) but that did not diminish the beauty of a job well done for her team as well. I'm very proud of my girls and somewhat surprised (and don't quote me on this) to discover that cheerleading actually IS a real sport. Kind of.

Like my football players, my girls have learned to be part of a team, how to rely on one another, how to win and lose, and that a group is only as strong as its weakest link. Plus, they've learned to yell really, really loudly, and when is that not a skill to be valued in a family of seven children?!

As for the end of the football season, Sam's team lost in second round playoffs and Joey's team lost in the championship game. So, neither brought home the first place trophy, but both had a great season and played for well-coached and classy teams. All in all, a great year.

So, while everyone around here is a little depressed that football is over for the year, I am personally reveling in the fact that for the next six months I don't have to stuff pads, run the practice trolley and keep track of multiple hair bows. I'm entering my off season as well, and I'm pretty happy about that. Whew!


Julie said...

Kind of???!! Suzanne!! Don't make me get my SHS Cheerleaders, and Alyssia, and Maya, and Julia, and Lindsey, and ... to have a talk with you! :)

Jen Savard said...

Off-season? What is that?

Mayor Allaire said...

Congratulations! Girl Power! Cheer, cheer cheerful, Chloe & Allaire Ladies of the Lakes.